Pagani Huayra Roadster

Pagani Huayra Roadster

We we’re recently asked by a client to help them with sourcing and funding a Pagani Zonda. Definitely not the worst day in the office.

The Zonda was the first car off the Pagani line and arrived in 1999 and by 2003 were powered by a 7.3 V12 naturally aspirated engine, this car was more like an F1 machine for the road.

So whilst we’ve been scouring the world for a suitable investment opportunity we can’t help but be slightly distracted by this Pagani Huayra Roadster.

Again, not the worst day in the office.

This car is currently for sale at £2.66m with SuperVettura, who also happen to be the UK’s Koenigsegg dealership.

Term Loans

A term loan provides a business with capital based on a fixed monthly repayment over a period of time. Often used by small companies to purchase assets such as machinery or property.

At Pure we work with our clients to prepare a full three way financial forecast, covering balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statement to negotiate term loans (including CBILS & RLS) in order for the business to invest in its growth.

Invoice Finance

Invoice financing covers both factoring and invoice discounting, both of which are financing arrangements where the business can release capital from unpaid invoices.

When a business raises a sales invoice the banking partner can provide between 60%-95% of the value (including the VAT element) immediately, improving the cash flow position of the business.

Once the sales invoice is paid the provider makes the balance of the invoice available to the business.

Factoring is a disclosed facility, meaning that the customers know that the monitoring and collection of the invoices are managed by a third party. These types of solutions are often utilised by younger businesses as they establish their place in the business world.

Invoice Discounting in contrast is an undisclosed facility, where the end customer is unaware of the invoice provider. This service is for larger more mature businesses and can be across many sectors, including construction.

We work with our clients to establish the best relationships with lenders and ensure there’s a good fit with regards to the facility, fees and support.

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending covers a number of financial products such as invoice finance, secured debt, asset finance, property finance and stock finance amongst others.

It is the lending of capital secured against the assets within the business, such as invoices and physical plant and machinery.

Asset lending can be on a term loan basis so with a fixed monthly repayment of a specific time period, but could also be linked to seasonal income.

This type of lending can be very effective when looking to restructure a business, make acquisitions, fund a management buyout or acquire new assets to improve operational efficiencies.